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Skin Conductance

Skin Conductance Human extremities, including fingers, palms, and soles of feet display different bio-electrical phenomena. They can be detected with a skin conductance meter, a device that measures the electrical conductance between two points and is essentially a type of ohmmeter. The two paths for current are along the surface of the skin and through the body. Active measuring involves sending a small amount of current through the body.

The combined changes between galvanic skin resistance and galvanic skin potential make up the galvanic skin response. Galvanic skin resistance (GSR) refers to the recorded electrical resistance between two electrodes when a very weak current is steadily passed between them. The electrodes are normally placed about an inch apart, and the resistance recorded varies according to the emotional state of the subject. Galvanic skin potential (GSP) refers to the voltage measured between two electrodes without any externally applied current. It is measured by connecting the electrodes to a voltage amplifier. Similarly, this voltage varies with the emotional state of the subject.

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