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Eye Tracking

Eye Tracking

provides package designers with the opportunity to examine the visual behavior of a consumer while interacting with a target package. This may be used to analyze distinctiveness, attractiveness and the tendency of the package to be chosen for purchase. Eye tracking is often utilized while the target product is in the prototype stage. Prototypes are tested against each other and competitors to examine which specific elements are associated with high visibility and appeal.

Eye tracking is commonly used in a variety of different advertising media. Commercials, print ads, online ads and sponsored programs are all conducive to analysis with current eye tracking technology. For instance in newspapers, eye tracking studies can be used to find out in what way advertisements should be mixed with the news in order to catch the subject’s eyes. Analyses focus on visibility of a target product or logo in the context of a magazine, newspaper, website, or televised event. For example, Lohse & Wu (2001) conducted an analysis of eye movements over advertisements in the Yellow Pages.


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